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December 4 - 18
Registration has ended.

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First Place - Corporate Track

Silent Auth is a seamless multi-factor authentication suite developed by Silence Laboratories for cross-chain interoperability. It reimagines privacy-preserving, peer-to-peer, usable authentication among users and devices. Congrats Team Silent Auth!

Jury's Mention - Corporate Track

UKISS is a decentralized security ecosystem based on patented hardware wallet technology that protects a user’s decentralized ID, crypto assets and sensitive data.

First Place - Enthusiast Track

PIEChain is an implementation that enhances DeFi interoperability through cross-chain flash loans with an end-to-end solution. Well done, Team PIEChain!

Second Place - Enthusiast Track

Automata built a trustless cross-chain service for migrating NFTs to low-fee blockchains, enabling users to interact with NFTs minted on Ethereum at fast and cheap manners when needed.

Second Place - Enthusiast Track

PeachCoin implements a trustworthy loot box system that has verifiable probabilities of winning where users can be either dealers or players.

Third Place - Enthusiast Track

Ad Blocker Blocker Blocker developed HiChain, a solution that combines health records and insurance policies for users to track their data and deliver fast payouts in the event of an accident.

Third Place - Enthusiast Track

Team Techies built an NFT BikeMart, a cross-chain solution that enables users to easily rent out bicycles with full transparency to mitigate any bad actors within the ecosystem.


A challenge to all hackers.

We're issuing a national challenge to all professionals, students and enterprises. Bring your blockchain innovation to life for a chance to transform the landscape of blockchain platforms and possibly win prizes worth up to SGD$25,000!

Objective of competition

With this hackathon, we aim to lay a brick in the interoperability effort by inviting participants to develop innovative protocols, frameworks, and use cases for blockchain interoperability.

About the organisation

The first of its kind, Singapore Blockchain Innovation Challenge is hosted by Singapore Blockchain Innovation Programme (SBIP) - a collaborative and nationwide technical community, launched from a mandate to further strengthen Singapore’s blockchain ecosystem.


Blockchain Interoperability

Problem statement

In the last few years, the blockchain space has been growing at a very fast pace. Now, there are hundreds of blockchains, both public (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum) and private (e.g., Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda), each with its own combination of consensus, communication protocols, smart contracts, and data storage technologies. However, most of the existing blockchains were designed without considering interoperability. But this is not how the real world works. Human society has interoperability at its core. Blockchain, as a tool to improve society by bringing decentralization and trust, needs to provide interoperability. As it is almost impossible to have a single blockchain system used by everyone, we need to find ways to improve current blockchains' interoperability.

This hackathon aims to lay a brick in the interoperability effort by challenging participants to develop innovative protocols, frameworks, and use cases for blockchain interoperability. The sky is the limit for this; the only requirement is to have at least two different blockchains in your project.


Prize pool includes:

An SBIP Gold Membership worth
+ $6,000 Cash
An SBIP Silver Membership worth
+ $4,000 Cash
An SBIP Bronze Membership worth
+ $2,000 Cash

For startups and companies.

Take this opportunity to build an MVP involving blockchain interoperability to transform your business! Tap on our workshops and mentors to accelerate the development of your blockchain use-case.

  • Entities wishing to register under the Corporate Track must be registered with ACRA.

Prize pool includes:

First place
+ Kindle Fire Tablets
Second place
+ Echo Dots
Third place
+ Swag Boxes sponsored by AWS Educate

For students, professionals and developers.

Experience a cutting edge blockchain hackathon this December! Work hands-on with fellow blockchain enthusiasts to come up with innovative solutions and stand to win attractive prizes.

  • Team composition must be of 2 to 4 pax. No individual registrations will be accepted.
  • Team lead must be resident in Singapore (ie. Singapore Citizen, Singapore Permanent Resident or long-term visa holder) for prize eligibility.
Hackathon Timeline
  1. Now till 3 Dec

    Register in a team of 2 to 4 pax. Hackathon registration closes 3 December, 23:59 hrs SGT.

  2. 3 Dec - 7 Dec

    Proposal Submission
    Submit your proposals by 7 December. More details on submission requirements will be shared via email.

  3. 8 Dec - 18 Dec

    Prototype Development
    Mentorship will be held simultaneously. The deadline for submitting your code is 18 December, 08:00 hrs SGT.

  4. 18 Dec

    Finale Round
    A virtual event encompassing project presentations from shortlisted teams, talks and panel discussions with guest speakers.

10:00AM - 11:00AM Opening Ceremony
11:00AM - 12:00PM Panel Discussion on "Blockchain Interoperability"
12:00PM – 01:00PM Lunch Break
01:00PM – 02:00PM Tutorial 1: "Cross-channel Transactions in Hyperledger Fabric"
02:00PM – 03:00PM Tutorial 2: "Cross-chain Transactions using Hashed Time-lock Contracts"
09:15AM – 09:30AM Opening Note - Summary of Hackathon
09:30AM – 12:00PM Project Presentations (Finale Round)
12:00PM – 01:00PM Lunch Break
01:00PM – 02:00PM Keynote: "Open Attestation for Public Good" by Mr. Barry Lim, GovTech
02:00PM – 02:30PM Award Ceremony & Closing Note
Speakers & Jury
Prof. Ooi Beng Chin
Lee Kong Chian Centennial Professor, NUS/SBIP
Mr. Bill Xing
Head of Financial Products, Bybit
Mr. Wang Hao
Owner of Moledao's Education Community, Moledao
Mr. Edward Chen
Executive Director & CEO,
Huobi Singapore
Prof. Zhu Feida
Associate Professor of Computer Science,
Mr. Anantharaman Lux
Group Leader – Systems Security, Cybersecurity Department, I2R, A*STAR
Mr. Barry Lim
Principal Delivery Manager, Government Digital Services
Mr. Jason Liew
Product Lead,
Mr. Wang Zhongjie
Head of Product,
Dr. Dinh Tien Tuan Anh
Assistant Professor, Information System &
Technology Design, SUTD
Mr. Igneus Terrenus
Head of Communications,
Dr. Yuncheng Wu
Research Assistant Professor,
Dr. Dumitrel Loghin
Research Assistant Professor,
Dr. Trung Ta
Research Fellow,
Dr. Ruan Pingcheng
Research Fellow,
Mr. Ren Kunpeng,
Research Assistant,
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What is the hackathon theme?

The theme for the Singapore Blockchain Innovation Challenge 2021 is blockchain interoperability. We require projects to use at least 2 different blockchains.

This event is organised by the Singapore Blockchain Innovation Programme which is a collaborative and nationwide technical community hosted at the National University of Singapore. Visit us at to find out more!

Yes, there are no restrictions except that participants under the Enthusiast track should only use platforms, blockchains, APIs, libraries or software development kits that are available and authorized for public use.

Yes, you can start preliminary work on your hack. But to be fair to other participants, most of your hack’s source code must be written during the hackathon period.

To be eligible to register for the Corporate track, an ACRA registration number is required. The judging criteria, rules and prizes for both tracks are different. The judging criteria would be stricter for Corporate track but participating companies are allowed to use their own private APIs and can stand to win 1 year free SBIP membership.

Join our Slack channel! Look out for updates on the hackathon there.

We have mentors who may be able to help your team and we will also organise workshops on key topics as well.


I don’t have a team. Can my project for the hackathon be done solo?

No, project teams should have a minimum of two members.

We have designated a Slack channel for communication purposes amongst our hackathon participants. Feel free to find your team members via this channel. Join here.

Only the team leader needs to be a resident in Singapore. If you are an international participant, make sure to join a team with a leader who is a resident in Singapore.

Yes, but we would require you to fill up and submit a parental consent form for registration.

Registration deadline is by 3 December 2021.

No, hackathon projects has non-technical aspects too so everyone is welcome to join. In addition, you can take this hackathon as a learning opportunity to get hands-on experience with blockchain.

Yes, we welcome attendees to join us on the 4th and 18th December. Do register to receive the zoom link.

Participating in the hackathon is free. Attending the presentations, keynote and workshops on 4th and 18th December is also free.

Hackathon Workflow

What does my team need to include in the proposal?

It needs to give us an overview of what your team wants to build for the hackathon. A writeup would do.

To qualify for certificate of participation, your team needs to submit your project for the selection round held on 15th December 2021.

Both tracks are required to submit a writeup and a git repository link. The git repository should have a README for setup and other notes / instructions. For Enthusiast track, the git repository must be public whereas in Corporate track, git repository links can be private.

The judges will vet through submissions and shortlist teams for the Finale Round.

Project submission will be via Microsoft Teams.